Monika Herzig to teach jazz history class in Brown County

Accomplished musician, historian, and author, Dr. Monika Herzig, will teach an Ivy Tech Center for Lifelong Learning class in Brown County in March. Class sessions of Indiana Jazz: History, Scenes, Places and Personas will combine jazz history and a concert on Tuesday evenings from 6 p.m to 8 p.m. (concert 8 p.m. to 10 p.m.), March 20 through May 1.

Each evening of Dr. Herzig’s class will begin with history and discussion with regional jazz greats at the Brown County Art Guild in the village of Nashville. Past guest artists have included luminaries such as Jazz Master Jamey Abersold, Grammy-nominated Wayne Wallace, dazzling violinists Carolyn Dutton, and others. After the class session, Dr. Herzig will perform with the guest artist of the week at Out of the Ordinary restaurant, located across the street from the Guild.

No prior music knowledge needed to sign up for the class. The cost is $149 and the cost of food and drink at Out of the Ordinary is not included. Class size is limited and the deadline to register is Tuesday, March 13.

Sign up online through Ivy Tech’s Center for Lifelong Learning, at (Click Nashville). For more information, call (812) 330-4400.

Singota Solutions employee achieving his degree


BLOOMINGTON – Travis Hudson is pursuing his associate degree in business administration through Ivy Tech’s Achieve Your Degree™ program. Hudson is a process engineer at Singota Solutions, a local company that has partnered with Ivy Tech to offer Achieve Your Degree to its employees.

In contrast with tuition reimbursement programs, Achieve Your Degree is a tuition deferral program that allows working adults to earn a college certificate or associate degree with no upfront cost to them.

“The tuition deferral has been a huge positive,” Travis Hudson said. “It is also helpful to have an advisor in the Achieve Your Degree program who is available 24/7. Doing all of my classes online is great, but having an advisor who is always willing to come meet me at work has really helped.”

Prior to enrolling at Ivy Tech, Hudson was a student at Indiana University but did not complete a degree.

“Before Ivy Tech, I started for a little while at IU. I had done a little bit of everything: I was an art major, I studied geography, and inclusive recreation,” Hudson said. “All these years I was paying monthly on financial aid. Every month as I was making my payment I was thinking I wasn’t getting anything out of it.”

Hudson eventually decided to enroll at Ivy Tech for business administration because it would benefit his career at Singota Solutions.

“I wanted to broaden my overall expertise and knowledge,” Hudson said. “I believe that earning a degree will open up doors for me internally and I want to continue to improve.”

Hudson has now been a process engineer at Singota Solutions for ten years. His work is focused on supply chain management and project management.

“I am the internal link between our operations teams and clients on the outside,” Hudson said. “The classes at Ivy Tech related to customer service and interpersonal interaction have been helpful. The training helps you understand how the same message might come across differently to different people, and how to improve your communication.”

Hudson encourages Ivy Tech students to earn degrees that will benefit them in their lives.

“If I could tell students one thing, it would be to keep going,” Hudson said. “I’ve stopped before and regretted it for 10 years, always knowing if I got the opportunity to start again, I would.”

Hudson will be able to complete his associate degree entirely online and is on track to graduate in fall 2018.

Employers can learn more about Achieve Your Degree by contacting Jessica Duncan at or (812) 330-6349. More information about Achieve Your Degree can be found online at

Fine Arts alumnus places first in NSAL Visual Arts Competition

Tillman Reyes, Ivy Tech alumnus, received the $1,000 Chapter Career Prize in the 2018 Visual Arts Competition for Emerging Artists from the National Society of Arts and Letters (NSAL) in January 2018, for his assemblage, 1135 Cruft St.

BLOOMINGTON – Tillman Reyes, Ivy Tech alumnus, recently won the $1,000 Chapter Career Prize from the National Society of Arts and Letters (NSAL), for his artwork in the 2018 Visual Arts Competition for Emerging Artists. The prize is the largest award for regional competitions, voted on by all members of the NSAL chapter. The juried competition was held in January at the Ivy Tech John Waldron Arts Center.

Reyes won the prize for his assemblage piece, “1135 Cruft St.” and describes his work as a mix between painting and sculpture.

“I am inspired by things passed by and overlooked,” said Reyes. “What I am interested in is re-contextualizing these through art. I can use the faded paint or rotted wood as color fields forming a new context the viewer is able to think through, examine, and question.”

Reyes is pursuing his Bachelor of Fine Arts at the IUPUI Herron School of Art and Design, after transferring his Associate of Fine Arts degree from Ivy Tech in 2014.

Tillman with Painting.jpg
Tillman Reyes, Ivy Tech alumnus, exhibited two artworks including the painting above, Sinema,
in the 2018 Visual Arts Competition for Emerging Artists, National Society of Arts and Letters (NSAL) competition.

“I was confident coming into Herron after graduating from Ivy Tech,” said Reyes. “Ivy Tech had some amazing professors like Maureen Forman, Amy Brier, Kelly Jordan, and Julie Roberts. There was a focus on classic fundamentals of rendering, exploration of material, dedication to my practice, technique, and a degree of professionalism instilled in me that were very important to continue my artistic schooling and career.”

Reyes enrolled at Ivy Tech immediately after high school to save on college costs.

“I knew I wanted to go to Herron eventually, but I didn’t want to go right away when I knew I could get my gen-eds and foundation art classes out of the way at Ivy Tech for a fraction of the price,” he said. “After a semester and a half in Indy I decided to transfer to Ivy Tech Bloomington. The art program in Bloomington seemed more suited to me. There was much more of an emphasis on the Fine Arts Program there.”

Reyes was excited when his professor at Herron encouraged him to submit work for consideration for the NSAL competition.

“I remember sitting in Julie Roberts’s office at the Ivy Tech Waldron and seeing these wonderful paintings and sculptures being prepared for an NSAL installation in 2014. So now as a senior at Herron I submitted two of my most recent works hoping to get one of them in. As it turns out, both of the pieces I submitted were accepted into the show. When I submitted, I was just worried about getting one in. Not two and definitely not one winning first place.”

After graduation, Reyes plans to continue his education and earn a Master of Fine Arts in painting, and work in an artistic community.

“I appreciate the art scenes in places like Bloomington and Indy so I plan on traveling and experiencing more art communities through different residencies,” he said. “Right now I am applying to these residencies in hope of doing that.”

Ivy Tech offers early college options

BLOOMINGTON – Ivy Tech Community College’s Bloomington campus will host an information session about early college options on Thursday, April 19 for high school age and home school students in grades 8-12 and their families. Ivy Tech will provide information on early college programs that allow students to earn college credits in high school, how to save on college costs, transfer opportunities, and more. The event will be held from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. at Ivy Tech, located on the west side of Bloomington at 200 Daniels Way.

Early college programs such as dual credit and dual enrollment enable students to enroll in college classes that transfer to bachelor’s degree programs and to earn associate degrees in high-demand, high-wage careers.

Ivy Tech offers more than 100 transfer programs with in- and out-of-state schools. Ivy Tech credits transfer to in-state colleges and universities including Ball State University, Indiana University, Indiana State University, IUPUI, Purdue University, University of Southern Indiana, Vincennes University, and Western Governor’s University.

Ivy Tech Bloomington offers degree programs in more than 40 high-demand career areas, including advanced automation & robotics technology, business technology, health sciences, information technology, and transportation/logistics.

Ivy Tech offers online and evening classes, and the lowest tuition in the state.

The Bloomington campus offers an immersive college experience with service-learning courses and robust student life programming that includes student government, leadership, recreational sports, clubs, fitness classes, guest speakers, and much more.

A complete list of Bloomington associate degree programs can be found online at Enrollment for summer and fall 2018 semesters opens on Monday, March 19.


Academic advisor presents at conference

BLOOMINGTON – Ivy Tech Bloomington presented at the Bloomington Academic Advising Council (BAAC) spring 2018 conference on Monday, Feb. 12. Eliza Erxleben, director of academic advising, and Melissa Stone, Indiana University Confidential Victim Advocate, presented a breakout session titled, “Trauma-Informed Advising.”

Discussions included how trauma affects the brain and body and its impact on students. Session attendees also completed an Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) questionnaire.

The conference was held at the Indiana Memorial Union, and both Indiana University and Ivy Tech Community College advisors attended the conference. Plenary speaker Dr. Jenny Bloom presented about “Advancing Appreciative Advising.” Breakout sessions on 18 topics were offered, including A Roundtable Discussion on Critical Theory and Advising, Supporting Students: Through Anxiety, Toward Resilience, Beyond Safe Spaces, Supporting Trans students and many more.


Achieve Your Degree™ program welcomes new partners

BLOOMINGTON – Ivy Tech Bloomington has recently welcomed new companies as partners in the Achieve Your Degree™ (AYD) tuition deferral program. Achieve Your Degree is a collaboration between Ivy Tech and employers that enables working adults to earn associate degrees or certifications with no upfront cost to them. In Bloomington, 230 employees are currently enrolled at Ivy Tech through the program.

Achieve Your Degree removes the financial barrier for working adults by combining federal financial aid and employer tuition benefits. Ivy Tech first helps AYD students apply for financial aid and applies grants to the student account. Next, Ivy Tech works with employers to defer tuition to the end of the semester, with the balance being owed by the employer based on current policy.

Some employers that are utilizing the AYD program this semester include Bell Trace Health and Living, Circle Prosco, Inc., Cook Group, German American Bank, Old National Bank, Paoli Health & Living Community, Singota Solutions, Stonecroft Health Campus, and Hearthstone Health Campus.

Employers can learn more about Achieve Your Degree by arranging a time for Ivy Tech to visit. To schedule a meeting, contact Jessica Duncan at or (812) 330-6349.

For more information about Achieve Your Degree, log on

Free counseling offered to Ivy Tech Students

BLOOMINGTON – The Indiana University Center for Human Growth will continue to offer free mental health counseling to Ivy Tech students for the spring 2018 semester. Since 2007, Ivy Tech Bloomington has partnered with the Center, led by Dr. Lynn Gilman, to offer this no-cost service to students.

The partnership also allows doctoral students in Indiana University’s educational psychology program to earn required practical counseling hours.

The counseling service is both free and confidential, and nearly all available appointment slots fill by the end of each semester. To date, the 10+ year partnership has provided approximately half of a million dollars in free mental health counseling to Ivy Tech students.

Ivy Tech awarded the IU Center with a Community Partner Award in April 2017, as part of the annual O’Bannon Institute for Community Service event.

Students can schedule appointments by calling (812) 330-6287 or emailing More information is available on campus in the student development office, room C139.