Human Library Project challenges stereotypes


BLOOMINGTON – Ivy Tech Community College’s Bloomington campus hosted the third annual Human Library Project on Wednesday, Nov. 28. Ivy Tech’s Human Library Project featured individuals acting as “books” that attendees can “borrow” to learn more about them as individuals, to challenge stereotypes and prejudices.

The individuals participating as books wrote their own “book titles” for themselves, which were on display for readers to select. Examples of self-titled books included, “Jewish American,” “Polyamorous,” “Spouse with Dementia,” “Former Christian,” “Blind Woman,” “Drag Queen,” “Therapeutic Foster Parents,” “Overcoming Racism,” and many others.

The Human Library Project was initiated by Ivy Tech Bloomington’s diversity committee, which strives to create a diverse campus experience for students.

The Human Library Project is a worldwide movement, intended to challenge stereotypes and promote understanding through civil and open dialogue. Background information about the Human Library Project can be found online at